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Zel Iscel

Hi Listers,


In 2014 I had a quick go at using Xero and it seemed very accessible. I didn’t subscribe then as I didn’t need it.


I’m trialling it again now and find that it’s actually not so accessible. Yet I’ve been hearing for years that it is one of the accessible accounting software on the market.


Is anyone in this group using Xero? Am I missing something? Are there workarounds for creating contacts, invoices, etc?


Is there a more accessible app around that has similar functions to Xero?


Looking forward to hearing back from you.





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Subject: Re: Taking, Saving, And Sending A Screen Shot


Hi, Bryan. Many filenames are arbitrary and meaningless, when they are saved, but even with screenshots, you can always rename the file to something meaningful, after the file has been saved, so this is not an obstacle, or even a drawback for me.


Bill White




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Taking a Screenshot Under Windows
has now been updated to include Zel Iscel's technique as a 4th one.  Take your pick from among the methods to suit yourself.  Methods 2 and 3 are the least complicated as far as the taking goes, but what you get for filenames is far from tidy.  That's the main reason I don't use those myself, as when I save screenshots I like to give a meaningful name as part of the process.  But if you just need a screenshot to send someone, and it's not being kept, then that's really not a consideration.

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