WordPerfect X5 script

Marijan Janev

Hi Friends,
Because I have to use WP15 on a 32-bit win7 machine, and jaws11 and 12 don't come with any script for that program, I have to add a line in the
something like
wpwin15=WordPerfect X3
in order to use WP13 scripts under the 15.
But I faced the problem - when I move character by character PC-cursor doesn't read the unicode characters like Cyrilic letters, and speaks only Euro, euro, etc. It happens independantly on the fact if the reveals codes are switched on or off. I'm not a scripter at all and don't know what causes the function SayCharacter in the script not to function properly.
Is there any idea or suggestion how to solve this problem?
It's very important for me, unfortunately.
Thanks in advance for any help.

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