[Bulk] What does this Bulk mean that people are putting in subject lines?



It originates from the actual mail server, which marks mail that it suspects
of being Spam. You can change your own server's propensity to do this, but
not someone else's . So when you see it, it may have come from the first
sender, or any sender in the thread.

Removing manually is a real pain, and I never bother.

I just add [bulk] into the JAWS dictionary and have a blank space in the
pronounce field. Then I never hear it when the subject is being read. I also
do that with the other common [] items that show up on some lists.

I have my mail filters set up to first allow legitimate mail from my lists
to flow into the appropriate folders, even if the [bulk] is in the subject.
Then any remaining messages with [bulk] in the subject are dumped into a
bulk folder for me to quickly peruse and delete. Works very well.

Dave Carlson
From my Dell Latitude 630, currently not nearly close enough for my comfort
to my Audio Recording and Mixing Studios, San Francisco Bay Area. But I'll
try to remedy that situation.

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Hi all, as you have guessed subject says it all.

I was just wanting to know since I'm not sure of the terminology of what
this means in an email concept.

I don't want too many answers because the last thing I want to do is flood
the list with the same wording etc so once I get a few answers I'll let you
all know so the thread can be stopped.

I'm sure it's obvious once someone tells me but at the moment I haven't got
a clue! LOL

Many Thanks

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