Using JAWS to Drag and Drop

Rick Miller

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Hi Adrian & Rick,

Below are the keystrokes for dragging & dropping.

Use the key strokes, (CTRL+INSERT+NUM PAD SLASH) for Drag and Drop .
This is used to drag items from one location and drop them in another.
Position the JAWS Cursor on the item you wish to move and press
PAD SLASH. You can leave the JAWS Cursor active, or you can switch to the PC
Cursor. JAWS will keep speaking as you navigate. Once you have positioned
the JAWS or PC Cursor in the location to which you would like to move the
item, press CTRL+INSERT+NUM PAD SLASH again, and the item will be moved to
the position of the active cursor.

Hope this helps. Take care.

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Hi, Rick. Not a direct answer because I've never had to use JAWS's version
of drag and drop. However, won't the standard copy/cut and paste commands
the job?

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I am trying to rearrange some tracks in my music library. Whenever I hit
the Drag and Drop keystroke, Control+Insert+num pad slash, JAWS keeps
"Left Mouse Button locked," but I cannot move the track by arrowing up and
down. I see you have to hit all three keys at the same time. Can anybody
tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Rick Miller

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Dear Mike:

Question. When using the Insert key, should I use the JAWS insert key on the lowermost row of the num pad, or the computer's Insert key? Often when I use either Insert key, what will happen will be that I will hit all three keys at once, and JAWS will not speak at all. I see that you cannot hit all three keys individually. They have to be held down all at once. Once the left mouse button is locked, when I try to arrow up, sometimes JAWS will only speak the word "Selected." At other times, no matter whether I arrow up and down the name of the track I am trying to move is just repeated over and over.

Rick Miller