Uploading folders to Google Docs


Hello list,

Recently I saw that Google Docs now supports the uploading of folders and
was curious if any Jaws users have attempted uploading their folders and
what they found the experience to be?

I’ve uploaded a couple of individual files and it took a little work with
the Jaws cursor and whatnot, but for the most part, it wasn’t too bad. I
know that actually working with Google Docs itself is all but impossible,
but I was more interested in the storage feature. How was the uploading
process? Was it reasonably accessible sorting the various files once
uploaded? What about downloading an individual file?

I’ve got quite a bit of books from Bookshare and other titles from other
sources I’ve collected over the years and wanted to upload this particular
folder as a failsafe since it would be a colossal pain to have to try to
hunt them all down should something happen to my pc which is getting rather
long in the tooth and download once I finally upgrade my system. I do have
the latest Jaws release, but am using JFW 11.0 out of personal preference as
12 in every subsequent release continues to be a major pain for me. But
that’s a topic for some other time though.

Any observations or pointers would be appreciated.


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