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JM Casey

My impression is that the majority of JAWS scripts are paid for by individuals or corporations. As such they aren’t generally available to the public. I have certainly come across those that are in the past, but they seem sporadically maintained and have a way of just disappearing once they stop being supported by the current JAWS framework.



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On Sun, Oct 2, 2022 at 08:26 PM, Leo wrote:

I don’t see this happening unless the Jaws scripting community  join forces.

Agreed.  The same has been true in the NVDA community, but it's now in the works, with the Spanish NVDA Community hosting a worldwide add-on repository with the eventual intent of NVAccess taking it over.

But being that Vispero has pretty much refused to have anything to do with such an idea, it would have to be, and remain, a community based effort for JAWS scripters and users.

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