Moderated sorting bookmarks by date in chrome

Panagiotis Antonopoulos

Hi all,

This is somehow close to the original mail, hence I post this message. On my computer I have been trying to look at some bookmarks and remove one or two. I used the organize feature and could not see the bookmarks in th usual way. I found the “sort” feature, where  besides the usual export/import etc. I only found “sort by name” which I inadvertently hit. However, I would prefer having bookmarks sorted by date, however I do not seem to find this feature by arrowing down the options. I wonder if I am missing something.

                                                                Any suggestions appreciated.


                                                                Takis, Greece


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Subject: Re: Copying Bookmark List From Google Chrome And FireFox Onto The Same Browsers On A New Computer


Hi Tom,


Here are steps for Chrome.


Open Chrome.

Open bookmark manager control-shift-o

You will be in a search box.  Tab once.

Press enter on Organize.

Either up or down arrow to export bookmarks.

Press enter.

You then have the typical dialogue to save a file.  Decide where to save it.  Use whatever method you want to copy it to your new computer.  It could be a thumb drive or a backup system you have.


Repeat the above steps except select import bookmarks on your new computer.


I hope this helps.






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Subject: Copying Bookmark List From Google Chrome And FireFox Onto The Same Browsers On A New Computer


Hello, everyone.


I know some will say that I should just Google this and see if I can find an answer. But, does anyone have some tried and true quick and easy steps for importing my Google Chrome and Firefox bookmarks lists from an older computer onto a new computer that I’m thinking of purchasing.


I know how to add bookmarks, but have about 80 of them, and would rather try to import the complete lists if possible, rather than manually adding individual bookmarks.


I would assume that you have to save the bookmarks list, and then import it into each browser on the new computer.


My older computer is a Windows 10 PC, while the newer computer will have Windows 11.


I am using the latest version of Jaws 2023.


Thanks for any assistance!


Dr.  Tom Behler From Michigan