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Don Mauck

There is a bug on this issue. In fact there might be a couple different bugs.

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I have keyboard layout set to laptop because I need to use the Caps lock key on my Mantis Q40 as the Jaws key since the Braille display does not have numeric keys on the right side like my laptop. I am not trying to lock the caps lock key to input all caps when the key is pressed rapidly which I know how to do when it's needed. Again all was well until my latest Jaws 2022/2023 updates. I will call Freedom Monday and will get their input.

On 11/5/2022 7:07 PM, Dave Durber wrote:

When you have JAWS set to use the Laptop Keyboartd Layout, you need to
press the CAPS LOCK KEY twice quickly, in order for the CAPS LOCK KEY,
to perform its function.


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I updated Jaws 2022 and installed Jaws 2023. The problem is Jaws caps
lock is not working in 2022 and 2023 since the two updates. I have
Jaws keyboard layout set to laptop. The Jaws insert key is working on
the numeric keyboard correctly for both 2022 and 2023.