Moderated problem with Google Chrome and now with Microsoft Edge

Gene Warner

This morning Edge must have updated itself to the same version of the Chromium engine that cause the context menu to pop up when you click on a link in Chrome because it is now happening in Edge.

Has anyone found a work around for this problem?


On 10/1/2022 4:32 PM, Bill White wrote:
Hi, Kevin. Yes, I have seen this problem in the latest version of Chrome. What is happening is that somehow, when you try to invoke some keystroke, it is bringing up the context menu which shows options for back, forward, etc. I think we are going to have to wait until feedback reaches the folks that put out the new versions of Chrome, and a new version is released.
Bill White
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*Subject:* problem with Google Chrome
Hello, I will be on a web page using Google Chrome. Out of the clear blue Chrome started showing various key strokes. Such as back with left arrow, forward with right arrow, print, inspect, etc. I can move to a different window and then back and the screen is gone. As soon as I start to move around the screen comes back. I uninstalled chrome and downloaded a new exe file and installed it. Problem still exists. Has anyone else encountered this problem? What can be done to stop this from occurring?