moderated outlook 2019 with jaws 2019: jaws is not reading right order in messageview

William Windels



In outlook 2019 , I have changed the order of the fields on the screen so that category comes in the beginning.

Jaws is not reading the value of the category as first while it’s presented as first on the screen.


I changed it as follows:



view > curent view > view settings > columns... button

and then: 6 times tab = show columns in this order

There I changed the order like I wanted.


The maximum of lines in the compact view is set to the minimum = 2.


I looked in the outlook.jcf file and ofcourse the default.jcf file and Jawskey+v but I can’t find some setting to chagen.


What can I do more or is this not possible?


thx a lot for help

William Windels

Incident Manager SWF