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List Rules

Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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The following is the current version of the JFW Mailing List policies. These are sent out monthly, and also available from: 


**List Policies**

1: Keep it clean. We're a family list, and there are people here who probably don't want to hear everything *exactly* that's running through your head. If you wouldn't see it on TV, it doesn't belong in a post to the list. If you're not sure, email the administration before you post it to the list. Otherwise, you stand to see your posts moderated.

2: Stay on topic. We're a JFW-oriented list. That said, anything related to JFW, its functionality with programs etc is acceptable. If it doesn't have to do with JFW, it doesn't belong on the list. This includes, but isn't limited to, talk of other screen readers such as Window Eyes.

3: Listen to, and respect, the wishes of the admins/moderators. If you're asked by an admin or moderator to drop a subject, or take something to private emails (in the instance of two people carrying on a thread list-wide), please do so. If the subject is changed on a thread by an admin or moderator, it will be explained why in the email sent out with it. Please don't continue replying to the old subject.

4: Don't ask over the list for a position on the list administration. If you'd like to help out, it's of course welcome, but address the request to do so to the admin team, otherwise it'll be ignored. Requests are always welcome, whether help is being looked for or not. When help is needed, a post will be made to the list. The requests already received will be kept in mind.

5: Keep flaming to a minimum. This is not limited to flaming of each other, but goes beyond that, to flaming of products, opinions, ideas, suggestions, etc. Constructive criticism never hurts. Flame wars, especially public ones, both drive people from this list and are unwelcome here. either take the problem to private emails, or report the problem to list administration.

6. Respect the opinions and views of others. This is *very* important in any environment, most especially an online environment where the only gage one has on a person is what that person puts to writing. If you come off as hostile in your posting, whether you intended to or not, people will take it as such. Online, "face value" means just that. People make mistakes, people don't always have access to the same information you do. For that matter, people don't always have the same experience you do. If you know how someone can solve their problem, great. Suggest it to them and/or the list. Do *not* proceed to tell someone, on or off list, that they have no business posting. Repeat offenders of this particular rule will be banned for a week to 30 days, depending on the severity. Serious problems will be banned permanently.

As always, if there are problems or questions with regards these policies, don't hesitate to send them off-list to

List Admin