Moderated new app that works great with jaws!

Josh Kennedy

I found a new app that works great with jaws! It is called gpt4all. It is a smaller, local offline version of chat gpt that works entirely on your own local computer, once installed, no internet required. I do recommend the most modern processor you can have, even an entry level one will due, and 8gb of ram or more. I'm running it on an AMD ryzen 5 cpu from around mid to late 2020. be sure to install git for windows, first, though. The whole thing is open source, all the directions can be found at: 
when it is responding to your chat query, just put NVDA into beeps mode, when NVDA stops beeping then you can set it back to speech mode talk and read its response with the review cursor, mark and copy it and so on. or if using jaws or if you prefer virtualize the window and copy stuff that way with an NVDA addon.  with jaws just shut off speech and wait a few minutes maybe 2 minutes for its response.