Moderated my jaws 2023 is not working well with Windows mail in win10 21h1

Hank W





Unfortunately and quite frustrating my jaws2023 very often loses focus when I am using windows mail even though windows mail is maximized. Also  very frustrating and disappointing often in windows mail when I try to open a email I lose jaws completely and have to restart jaws. Anyone maybe have any ideas on why I am having these jaws 2023 problems with windows mail in win10 21h1?


Because of the troubles above I am having quite often with jaws 2023 in windows mail, I am wondering how user friendly is thunderbird with jaws 2023? Does the latest version of thunderbird work well with jaws 2023?


Any help I can maybe please get with these above questions would be so very much appreciative. Much, much thanks in advance for any possible help with this.








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