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Hi Madison,


Here are a couple of people who would be willing to help you for free with all your g-mail questions, here in Canada.


Kim Kilpatrick, CCB GTT Coordinator


1-877-304-0968 Ext 513

David Greene, CCB GTT Accessibility Trainer


1-877-304-0968 Ext 509


They are based in Ottawa, Ontario.


I am sure they are knowledgeable in g-mail to help you.





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Sent: January 22, 2021 4:56 PM
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You might also try using the key combination control/shift v which takes you to your folder tree.  If the files you want are in this list just arrow to where you want to put the email and hit enter.  If not, arrow up to the top of the tree and essentially repeat the steps you take to move from one email to the other using your arrows.  Once you are in the email account you want arrow to target file and hit enter and voila.


It's probably possible to use first (single letter) navigation strokes  to get you to the move command through the ribbons.


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If both of these accounts are in your outlook program, you can open each of the messages, one-by-one, and when open, hit alt key, go to file and down to info. Hit enter on info and then enter on move message. When you have done this, pick the other email address folder you choose to save these in. Feel free to contact me off list, I will be glad to help so not to overwhelm everybody with too many messages.







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Yes, I have a tone of messages in my old inbox, hopefully someone else has another idea!! I did see a button the gmail site that said import mail and contacts, but my contacts still seem to show up so I wasn’t sure if clicking on that button would be a good idea or not.


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          Someone else will have to advise on importing your existing messages from your old email into the Gmail account.  The only way I know of to do this is forwarding them, and if the archive is extensive that's just not practical.  I generally do what you said, and that's keep the old account dormant, forwarding all new messages to where I want them to be, but having the archive of existing messages available for my reference when I might need to do that.  It keeps my new account "cleaner" from the outset.

            When you delete a message from any account and it goes into trash it will retain the same read/unread status it had at the moment of deletion.  In the end, that really doesn't matter, as trash gets purged of messages that reach 30 days old regardless of their read or unread status.  Outlook does allow you to change how quickly a message is marked as read once you open it (and you do have to open it), but if the intention is not to open these messages, which I'd have to presume it is, then just delete them in unread state and forget about them.  Trash is trash.


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