moderated Making a copy of Google slides presentation to a different folder Google drive


I'd like to make a copy of a Google Slides presentation to another
folder in Google Drive. At the moment, the slide is in a shared folder
and I need to move it to a different folder within my drive so that I
can share it with others.
How do I do this accessibly with JAWS2020 and Google Chrome?
When I select the change folder button, JAWS just states dialogue and
does not allow me to choose a folder despite my having created the
folder I would like the slide to go to in drive.
I have tried doing this with the virtual cursor off but still the
result is the same.
I have also tried with the touch cursor.
Thank you in advance for any responses.

Shai Wolman
Wolman technologies
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I can try to figure this out, if necessary, but I will ask first if you have considered installing Backup & Sync from Google?  This allows you to have your Google Drive contents on your desktop, in a folder that looks and acts like any other folder under Windows 10, except that it syncs with your Google Drive.  It can make managing this sort of thing a bit easier than the web interface does (and I'm not a huge fan of Google Drive's web interface for file management, and I can see all of it).

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