Moderated Keyboard is acting very odd in browser

Mike Pietruk

Here is some follow-up on this problem, discussed earlier in the fall,
with a step-by-step solution
as offered by Brian Hartgen in his blog at

Eset Internet Security 16 With Screen-Readers.
Submitted by brianhartgen on Thu, 11/17/2022 - 13:59

If you are using Eset Internet Security Suite 16, you may encounter a
problem where some screen-reader keystrokes will not function when working
with a browser. This particularly applies to Quick Navigation keys but it
can affect other keystrokes as well.
This occurs because the secure browser aspects of Eset are corrupting the
screen-reader keystrokes and so they cannot be processed correctly. We
know this because if you use our J-Say product with Dragon
NaturallySpeaking, and execute commands by voice, you are not affected. It
is only if you use the keyboard with the screen-reader.
If you install Eset Security suite, there is an option when doing so which
asks if you would like secure browsing with banking and payment
protection. If you elect not to install this component you will not get
the problem.
If you have installed the program with the default settings however, you
should work through these steps:
1. Open up Eset Security.

2. Press function key F5 to move into Advanced Setup.

3. Press Tab until you reach "Web and Email", then press the Space Bar.

4. Press Tab repeatedly until you reach the option "Banking and Payment
Protection" and then press the Space Bar.

5. Press Tab repeatedly to reach the Check Box "Enable Banking and Payment
Protection". Press the Space Bar to uncheck it. A dialog box will be
displayed announcing that you need to restart your web browser if it was
opened at the time of carrying out this procedure.
6. Press Tab to reach the "OK" Button and press the Space Bar.


Speaking for myself:
Hopefully, none of us will ever see this again as it was a nightmare.
Also of note, the Brave browser never fell victim to this.
Brave proved a true godsend as my Edge, Chrome and Firefox all fell victim
to this.

And I would never had tried Brave if it hadn't been for Brian Hartgen
speaking so highly of it a few weeks earlier during his Opening Windows
Course discussion which I was taking at the time.

Steve Nutt



Do you have Eset Antivirus? If so, go here:-


All the best



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This accurs in Firefox, crome, and Edge. It's happening in multiple screen readers with the common keys,, but I'm not sure where else to go with this question. If I press H to go to the next heading, it will do that. The next time I press H, it thinks it is a J and trys to jump to line. After that comes placemarker, ETC. I'm not having this problem if I go back to the address field to put in a differentURL. Does anyone have any suggestions?