Moderated jaws for windows with Liblouis for new braille table testing output

aikeo koomanivong

Dear all jaws’ user

I’ve had a question.

I’m trying to work with Lao-braille in Liblouis.

Now I test with Lou_translate.exe and looking for another way how can I real-time testing braille output with Jaws.

I saw Jaws 2023 with Liblouis 3.23.0

Inside Liblouis’ braille tables, I saw many braille tables but when I check with braille language support in Jaws there are many missing such: Khmer braille or Burma braille.

I’m not sure why Jaws not showing all braille codes based on Liblouis’ tables.


Another inquiry, I saw jaws has their own braille translation [.JTB].

I pasted thai.jtb in directory: “C:\Program Files\Freedom Scientific\JAWS\2023”. When I go to jaws braille translation, still missing thai-braille table.

I’m not sure for jaws new version, do they still support .JTB?

I’m trying to contribute Lao-braille to the software, shall I focus only with Liblouis or do I need to learn about JBT structure?

Thanks and looking forward to learn more from you all.