moderated JAWS and Jira

Don Mauck

Here are a couple of tips.

If you type a period, you land in a smart search. So, you can search for the word “create” and you might see ‘create new issue” or “create new Sub-item’ and you can select that. You search for the word “watch” and watch or un-watch an issue, there are many other smart searches that you can find depending upon your role and responsibilities.

Next major function for me is to add a comment. By pressing the JAWS pass through key, (iNsert+3) then press the letter ‘m’ you will be placed in the edit field. In the version of Jira I have to use, these edit fields have no labels.

When you look at any tables that are created in Jira, you will see odd column headings that apparently the user cannot change. So, for example, Percentage complete, might just be “p”, takes some getting used to. There are many links that do not have labels and if any Partial Page Refreshes, there is no ARIA-live message to inform you of a screen change.

Keep in mind as my first post states, I’m forced to run an on-premise version of Jira so the web version may be different.