Moderated Jaws 2023

Jim L

Hiya Folks,


The recent Jaws 2023 and now the updated version as I’ve just installed it has some quirky issues for me with Facebook messenger, where I have my cursor ready to type in the edit field, type my message then send it, then all of a sudden its taking me to parts of the chat that are days old and I lose focus again away from  the edit box to type a new message or just scroll up abit to hear again the persons previous message they sent and takes me awhile again to find the edit box, this does not happen in Jaws 2022 which again I am back on. Is there a setting in 2023 I need to disable or turn on to stop this happening? I’ve even imported all my Jaws 2022 setting to 2023 thinking that may fix it but no luck.








David Diamond

Sorry I can’t help you.  I have just installed the latest version of JAWS and don’t have the problem you mentioned.  Oh, yes, just before compiling this message, I sent a message via messenger and had no problems writing or sending it.