moderated jaws 2022 and place marckers with google chrome

William Windels



I work with google chrome and last version of jaws 2022.


On my workplace, I use permanent placemarckers on the domain

Some of them aren’t working anymore so I want to delete en recreate them.


starting from , I open the marckerlist with ctrl+shift+k and there I can’t remove any marcker.

The actiohn can be done but the list of marckers doesn’t change.


I have also deleted the ict.vdab.be_domain.pmi file from settings\nld, restarted jaws  but the marckers aren’t gone.

I have also created a empty file with notepad: ict.vdab.be_domain.pmi in settings\nld but marckers are still there after restarting jaws.

When I created a marcker on another domain, the *.pmi file is created in settings\nlb in stead off settings\nld and there is no ict.vdab.be_domain.pmi file.



Is there a alternative way to force deletion of marckers?

And where are the files with the marckers saved?h


Thx for any response



Met vriendelijke groeten

William Windels

Incident Manager SWF