Moderated JAWS2023 February Update, Build 2302.15, Download Link + What's New

Mike B.

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Below is the download link plus what's new in this release.

Download link:
Enhancements in JAWS 2023.2302.15 (February 2023)
The following is a list of improvements made between the December 2022 release and the February 2023 update.
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Improved Support for WhatsApp
JAWS now includes Scripts for the popular WhatsApp messaging application. This support is for the desktop app available from the Microsoft Store on Windows
10 and later. For more information about WhatsApp and its features, visit
JAWS offers several new features that improve the experience when interacting with messages as well as making and receiving audio and video calls. Some
of these include:
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• Automatically announce incoming chat messages and play a sound when a contact is typing. Additionally, new Quick Settings (INSERT+V) options are now
available to turn off these automatic announcements if needed.
• Use ALT+1 through 9 on the number row to review the most recent nine messages. Add SHIFT to display the message in the Virtual Viewer.
• New keystrokes for quickly moving to the chat edit field (ALT+E), the chat list (ALT+C), or the chat history (ALT+H).
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For a complete list of available JAWS keystrokes for WhatsApp, press INSERT+H.
For a complete list of WhatsApp keystrokes, press INSERT+W.
Updated FSDN Now Available
For those who create JAWS scripts to help improve performance with various applications, the Freedom Scientific Developer Network (FSDN) is a complete
scripting reference manual documenting all scripts, user-defined functions, and built-in functions found in JAWS. This update includes documentation for
all the latest scripts and functions as of JAWS 2023 and also contains new topics on ZoomText scripting. Visit the
 web page to download the latest FSDN reference guide.
Other Changes
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• In the JAWS Notification History, you can now customize the order of user created notification rules. To reorder rules, press INSERT+SPACEBAR followed
by N to open the Notification History, choose Manage Rules, select the rule you want to reorder, and then press CTRL+SHIFT+UP or DOWN ARROW to move it
up or down in the list. Reordering rules is especially useful for conflicting rules since the first rule that matches the incoming notification is always
applied. Changing the order allows you to move rules that apply to very specific situations to the top of the list, followed by more generic rules with
less strict criteria.
• In PowerPoint, resolved an issue where JAWS was not correctly respecting the reading order of slide content as defined by the author.
• If Outlook is configured to show messages by conversation, resolved an issue where JAWS was not indicating the expanded or collapsed state of the conversation
thread while navigating the message list.
• Resolved an issue where pressing INSERT+F11 was not listing all of the System Tray items in Windows 11.
• Addressed an issue in BARD Express where JAWS was truncating long entries like book titles and annotations, making it difficult to read all the details
for a book.
• Addressed an issue where the braille cursor was not displayed in the correct location in the Visual Studio Code editor.
• Addressed an issue in Visual Studio Code where JAWS was not speaking autocomplete results as you typed.
• Addressed an issue with multiple ARIA live region updates that use the aria-atomic attribute where JAWS was announcing all updates instead of the most
recent one.
• Addressed issues where Forms Mode would not activate as expected on certain edit controls. For example, the Search edit box on
• When adding items to a list in Google Docs, resolved an issue where JAWS was announcing the total number of items in the list each Time ENTER was pressed
to add a new item. JAWS should now only announce the number of list items when navigating into a list.
• Resolved an issue in Google Sheets where JAWS was not speaking cell coordinates like "A1" or "B1" while navigating a spreadsheet.
• Updated the JAWS tutor help for Teams to make it clearer which pair of ARROW keys to use when navigating various application tool bars and tab controls.
• Resolved an issue with LibreOffice Calc crashing when attempting to navigate a spreadsheet with JAWS and a braille display.
• It is no longer necessary to make changes in the Windows registry in order to use JAWS and Fusion with Citrix Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA). For more
details, refer to the following TSN:
Issues with authorizing JAWS, ZoomText, or Fusion in newer versions of Citrix.
• In response to customer feedback, Braille Structured Mode now handles the display of hot keys as it did prior to the December 2022 update.
• The Liblouis braille translator used by JAWS and Fusion has been updated to version 3.24.0 and is now selected by default.
• In the English version of JAWS, resolved an issue where Dutch Belgium was incorrectly using Liblouis for Computer Braille.
• Added support for the Russian NewFon SAPI5 voice.
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Take care and stay safe.  Mike.