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Hi folks,

I thought my Office was automatically installing updates. Apparently, it was not, but after I downloaded and installed several updates, the problem is now fixed.

There is also another solution if one wants to use the Alt+Tab to cycle through document windows. Put your Word documents into a virtual desktop of their own. this way, when you press Alt+Tab, all you have to cycle through are the documents themselves. but since I'm used to using the Control+F6 keys, I'm glad it's working now.

Thanks for everyone's advice,

On Wed, Apr 27, 2022 at 10:14 AM, Adrian Spratt wrote:
Hi Tom,

Needless to say, you're absolutely right. However, the advantage of the control-F6 method becomes apparent when you're working with several other applications, in addition to Word. If you just want to switch between documents and not keep encountering those other applications, control-F6 does the job.