Moderated Is there a Ctrl+Backspace Equivalent for BrailleNoteTouch and JFW2021?

Dani Pagador

Hi, Guys.
I am in a pinch and am using a BrailleNoteTouch as a Braille display
with JFW2021. I have paired the unit with my PC and am in Terminal
mode, and have spent the last hour pushing key combinations on the
BNT and writing down what they do. None, or very few, of the commands
given in the BNT+JFW help file work, so I've had to compile my own

I have found some equivalents, but haven't worked out how to simulate
Ctrl and Insert key presses using the BNT's keyboard. So if I want to
select all, I have to take my hands off the display and move to my PC

A key combo I use often is Ctrl+Backspace to delete the current word.
The Help file says the inner two thumb keys are supposed to do this
when pressed together, but instead this serves as a toggle between the
Braille cursor following the active cursor or not.

Does anyone have any ideas about how to remedy this key combination
lack on the BNT? I know I can move to the PC keyboard, but it's such a
pain to have to keep moving back and forth when you're seemingly
supposed to be able to work off just one.