IE 9 Questions With Jaws 12

Daniel McGee <venables134@...>

Hi all, I would like to ask a couple or more questions regarding the use of Jaws 12 and IE9.
1. Currently I have Jaws Version 12.0.525 and I know there is a newer build but I don't know the number but my point is if I upgrade to this newer build of Jaws 12, will it support IE9 before the new build came out I tryed using IE9 with my current build of jaws alas to negative results in anycase I went back to IE 8.
2. On the subject of going back to a previous IE version I have forgotten how to do it so I am asking if I go ahead and upgrade to IE9 and it doesn't work with the new build of Jaws 12, how do I rroll back to IE 8.
Also if I do upgrade to IE 9 my 1st question normally is it faster than the previous one in this case IE8 and is there anything that I should be aware of while performing the upgrades. Oh I almost forgot does IE9 have the dreaded ribbons.
Just so you all know I am running Windows Vista Home Premium.
I look forward to hearing from all you jaws users!
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