moderated I can't run JAWS

Ibrahim Ajayi

Hi good people:
I'm finding it impossible to run JAWS on my Windows110 computer.
I downloaded and installed the latest version, which is the 2021
relase, and I opted to run it in 40 minute mode, because I cannot
afford thelicense for now.
I did go to the options menu, and under basic, I set it to start
automatically, and to always.
But each time I start my computer, it doesn't start. Instead, I am
alwayspresented wih a wellcome screen, telling me to press enter
andreboot my computer to run in 40 minute mode.
Why isthis happening when I have already done all thesettings. I have
t use an alternative screen reader to access the computer.
Added to tht, JAWS also taks a toll on my mobile data. I don't
understand why this is happening.
So thquestion now is: can this problem be fixed? if it can, thn how.
Hope to get some help.
Kind regards.



try disabling "Quickstart" or whatever the option is named in English under "energy" options.

You will have to click a button that says something like "click here to show hidden options" or something similar.

I think you can find this under power plan".

Good luck!