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Tom Behler

Hello, everyone.


Below is the response I got from FS Technical Support regarding my issue of Jaws not talking me through the new Jaws update installation process.


I don’t find the response to be very helpful, since the only way I could replicate the issue would be to wait till the next Jaws update, and install it while on the phone with tech support.


I’m typically not a complainer, but I was hoping for a more useful response with work-arounds such as those that some of you have already outlined.


Tom Behler



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Hello Tom:

This is Dennis. Since there is no quick answer to your problem of JAWS not speaking during the upgrade process, it would be best for you to call our support line at (800)4444443, during normal business hours.  

Please know all email communications in this thread will be automatically added to your case until the issue has been resolved. 
If you need to contact us by telephone, use the number of 727)803-8600, and please reference the case number provided in the subject line of this message so we can better assist you. 
Otherwise, if you need to contact a local dealer, you can use the following web site to find the contact information for a dealer near you.


Dennis Godin

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(303) 775-1199

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Jaws 2023 latest update

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Jaws does not speak to guide me through the process of installing latest Jaws 2023 update on new Windows 11 PC

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I activate the executable file, and hear "Jaws install", but am not given any speech feedback about accepting the license agreement, and continuing on to the install process. I also am not notified when the update installation is finished. Alt tab does not help me re-gain focus if that is what's needed.

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