Friend and back up program and JAWS

Lynn Golightly <vgolight@...>

Good Evening List,

My totally blind friend wanted to back up his computer independently

JAWS rather than having my sighted husband help him. He has an

sata drive in theory has been backed up with Casper 7. The question is

does my friend restore this to a new drive?


Vicky Lynn Golightly

- Done.

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Chris Smart <csmart8@...>

Has your friend made a Casper start up disc to boot from?
He needs to read
Creating and Using the Casper Startup Disk ................................................. on page 39 of the Casper 7 User Guide. The following sections after that even detail how to burn the start up disc using various popular disc burning applications, including Nero, Roxio etc.

Also, are you sure your friend has no way of booting from the clone drive? Have they checked the BIOS to see if they can boot from USB?
Many externals can be removed from their case and mounted internally. Have they tried this?
Casper 7's online help details many of these options, different cable types for internal hookup of a drive etc. etc.

One place to start reading is "Resolving Boot Problems", the first title under Troubleshooting. Other sections to read are "boot from the backup hard disc" "Install the Replacement Hard Disc" etc. all in online help.

Hope that helps,