Moderated File renamers

Gene Warner

The zip file I downloaded from a download site only had the readme.txt file which had a link to the full documentation, but that link is now broken. I downloaded and saved the zip file you sent via drop box, in contained an additional zip file that I assume was written by you, it helped, but it only talked about one part of the program which wasn't a problem because the other two tabs were easy enough to figure out from what was in that text file.

There was no file that had the original documentation, and there was nothing that could help me figure out why the program wouldn't do the actual renaming.

This program seened to be just what I was looking for but the inability to get it to actually work has lead me to give up on it and continue looking for something like it that actually works.

Thanks anyway for your help.

On 9/21/2022 5:53 AM, Richard Justice wrote:
Hi Richard!