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Don Mauck

Thank you very much. The reason I’m want to use a Radio Button is that I’m creating a survey with the typical “disagree,” “agree,” “strongly agree” ETC. I don’t know anyway to do this other than using Radio Buttons.

Your information has been very helpful in understanding why I could not find what I wanted.


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There is no Radio Button option in the Legacy Tools section (which you do reach via ALT+L,N).  The Radio Button is in the ActiveX control section and it is noted as "Option Button" while what most of us would call a button is noted as "Command Button."

The direct key sequence for an ActiveX radio button is ALT+L,N,O (Option button) and for a command button is ALT+L,N,U

I personally hate the ActiveX controls and avoid them, but others love 'em.  All of these announced, item by item, if I right arrow through the Legacy Controls Group then transition into the ActiveX controls group once the end of the Legacy Controls has been passed when I'm using NVDA.

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