Moderated DataCamp with jaws #accessibility

romance's prince

hello dears

please anyone here using datacamp website? 
i study on it but last month seem they update site 
which become defficult to use with jaws

web developers here,  hope you could  help by reporting the accessibility problem to them or just send me what it could be done to report it to site / FreedomScientific.


Cohn, Jonathan

Did you look at
They indicate that they work to make their training accessible and they have an email address to contact if you experience accessibility issues. That being said, it sounds like they test their site with NVDA and not JAWS, since they do not list JAWS as a recommended screen reader. Though in 90% of the cases, web sites that work with NVDA will also work with JAWS.

romance's prince

hi, thanks for your reply.
I tested it with NVDA the same result
the email mentioned is not monitored.
 it was working fine in July, they did site update let it inaccessible.
when I open a course lesson, screen-reader (jaws or nvda) not detect video player to pause or even read slide on screen like before.
 the same for code editor.

 hopefully if anyone here have experience in web development give a look and let me know exact problem and if anyway to resolve it.
 i wrote for them but still they don't see problems in this
may be i need to send technical report for them for better understanding ....

 hope you could help me to report the problem.