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John Doering

Good morning:

Thanks for all your help.

I was able to change versions of JAWS on my computer but it did not resolve my problem I am having with my DVD list on

Is anyone else having a problem rearranging their DVD list on Netflix?





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Hi, if you want to load a prior version of jaws without sighted assistance, here is what you do.  First  unload the current version of jaws that you are using, then turn on narrator, then use the tab key until you hear type hear to search, press enter then type in the older version of jaws. press enter then you should hear the older version of jaws speaking.  i hope that this helps.

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I guess I’m having a dumb moment, why would one want to switch back and forth from JAWS versions? With an update, after everything is working fine, I delete the prior version of JAWS, such as when getting 023, I deleted  022.