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Adrian Spratt

I wouldn't be surprised if Ann's method works on some websites and not on others. Different websites handle passwords very differently. One thing to look for is the option to show or reveal the password, which I encounter with increasing frequency.

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Hi, Ann. I'm using Windows 10,
Version 22H2 (OS Build 19045.2546)
I tried turning off JAWS, starting Narrator, typing in my password, and using ALT plus F8, followed by INSERT plus Up Arrow, and Narrator still says bullet, bullet, bullet.

Bill White


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Narrator can do it. Press ALT + f8, then read the line with I think insert + up arrow.
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Does anybody know of a setting or script that will allow Jaws 2023 to
emulate the functionality of NVDA with the Speak Passwords addon.

At the moment all that Jaws will announce is star at my bank login page
which is stressful for a clumsy totally blind typist like myself. I
risk being locked out of my accounts with clumsy mis-typings as I
cannot see the keyboard to check what is being typed.

For this reason I normally use NVDA for this purpose but this has
stopped working on the bank login page and is unable to locate the
required edit boxes. Jaws 2023 can, however, still detect the edit box
but is otherwise unhelpful.

David griffith

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