Moderated Amazon Survey


As an customer, I received an opportunity to participate in a
survey that wanted my feedback on how Amazon presents its products based on
Amazon searches.
This survey was not accessible in FireFox, but it was partially in Edge, to
the point that I was able to use the space bar on a graphic, and then I was
able to check the most unsatisfied checkbox, and then put in my opinion on
why I disagreed.
I let them know that this is not accessible to the Blind/Visually Impaired,
and they need descriptions with their graphics.
I feel it is important for us to struggle through surveys like this, so
companies are aware of the needs of their Blind customers.
So I hope that if other customers here get the opportunity to
participate in this survey, please struggle through it, and take the time to
let them know about our shopping needs.
Note, there are at least half a dozen opportunities to write in your
response, if you check one of the unsatisfied boxes, so you may want to
simply copy and paste what you put in the first edit field, as your
responses should be the same with regard to why you disagree.


David Diamond

I’m afraid I’m skeptical when it comes to surveys like this.  Guess I’m jaded, it reminds me of when I was on social assistance and most workers could not hold down a real job so were put in a place             where the linguistic skills just involved saying “No!”  When signing a letter, they could not even write their own name properly. Then they had the gull to say they were over worked.  If you are over worked, get another job!  You certainly have no problem telling others to get one.  Smirk. Point? Anyone can press a button to send out surveys, will they get read though and, worse can the person receiving the surveys, read it.    

David Diamond

The only surveys I ever get from Amazon is, to rate a product I got or, some suggestions for other products.  Neither ones of these, I mind.  Sometimes there is gold in them there hills.  LOL.