a random jaws issue to do with MS Word

Kirsten Edmondson <kirsten.edmondson@...>

I have noticed in the last few days that I have a random issue with Jaws
when I use the copy/paste/cut commands (control keys plus v c or x) within
MSWord 2007. I select my item, I press one of the above key strokes and then
I if I use the arrow keys or the home/end to get to a place to write again
my jaws won't talk, it takes a couple of seconds to re-establish itself. I
can't say it's linked to the recent J12 update (12.0.1170) which I did
earlier in the week though as I've only noticed it I guess it could be.
Sometimes it happens when I insert something too. Has anyone else noticed
this too? It doesn't seem to happen anywhere else, such as in my email
program, so I think it's just with word. It's getting irritating because I
have to wait for it before I can carry on typing, or risk mucking up my
document. I intend to report this to FS, so please let me know (even off
list, Kirsten.edmondson@...) if you have noticed similar so I can
say that when I report it.