Moderated JAWS Doesn't Read Tree Structure

Ayers, David (ITCS)



I use Active Directory to set up and modify network users.  When I open AD with my non admin ID, JAWS will read everything with all cursor options.  When I open AD using ‘run as different user’, and sign-in with my admin ID, JAWS doesn’t read anything with the regular cursor keys.  Sighted help says the cursor does move up and down the list.  The JAWS cursor does read the items, however, I cannot expand the tree with the JAWS cursor.  Anyone know why JAWS reads normally in one instance and not the other?  I am using Windows 10 64 bit and JAWS 2023.  Also, If I switch users and sign-on with my admin account as other user, JAWS reads the AD tree normally.




David Ayers