Moderated Problems with Windows 11 update

Karen Reynolds


I just updated to Windows 11, the latest version. I’m running Jaws 2023. All this on a laptop. I’m running into two problems.


The first is that when I am in a document, such as notepad or Word, I can put a blank line at the bottom of the document. When I press control end to go to the bottom of the document, Jaws does not read that it is a blank line. It reads the previous line. How do I get Jaws to read this is a blank line? It just started doing this after the upgrade.


The other thing is that there is all this bong stuff going on when I reach the bottom of these documents. Does the same in the list of e-mails, and in e-mails themselves. At the end of the list is okay, but not in documents. How do I stop this before I go bongers. <smile>


Okay, make that three things. How do I get the notification bar on the task bar to read the way it did on Windows 10? Or can I?