Moderated Jaws OCR

Kevin Meyers

Hello, I’m using the most recent versions of Windows10 and Jaws2022. Normally there are 3 selections under the camera. One is the model number of my printer/scanner. Another one that says ink jet printer. Then the other choice is again the model of my printer/scanner. I always have to use the ink jet printer. If I select the model number of my printer it will not scan. When I start over and select the one called ink jet printer/scanner I get the message saying no text recognized. I don’t hear the scanner moving to perform the scan. I then have to reboot. Then the selection of ink jet printer/scanner does’t show. There are times I have to reboot multiple times in order for it to show up. First of all why are there multiple choices? Then why do I have to reboot after I selected the choice of the name of my printer in order to get the scan to work with the correct selection? I should say the keys I use are insert/space bar, o, a. To make sure the scanner is working I will do a windows fax and scan and don’t have a problem.Thanks, Kevin