Moderated Exporting a Word file to PowerPoint ... was Saving Text From A Powerpoint Presentation

Ann Byrne

This is rather geeky, but here goes!

Each slide has at least two parts:, the title placeholder and the object placeholder.
When you create the PowerPoint text in Word, each title is a heading1 and the objects are heading2.

To export a word file to a PowerPoint:
1. Press alt then up arrow to move to the quick access toolbar.

2. right arrow to "customize toolbar submenu" and press spacebar to open the submenu.

3. Down arrow through the selections, and press enter on "more commands ...

4. Tab once to "choose commands from". Open the combo box and select "all commands" and press enter.

5. This is a list of about 2000 commands, most of them really obscure. Navigate to "send to Microsoft PowerPoint", tab twice to "add' and press spacebar.

6. Tab to Okay and enter.

Now "send to PowerPoint" is on the quick access toolbar and you can get to it easily.

Good luck!