Moderated tab browsing problem and "clear" issue cured

Morey Worthington

This is really strange, but here goes.

As I mentioned the tab browseing thingstarted coming up about a week ago. In thunderbird especially when opened. Then in the top of the window there was google chrom search icon and a few keystrokes or icons like like print and a couple others.

Then at the bottom of all this was a icon which said "clear"

Also in that same window, it had a split screen and half the messages were under all of this.

My sighted wife told me all this.

Now the cure...

Somewhere, by me, or, the other member of this family, had downloaded and installed an app called "clear".

From where ???.

A windows tech person found this in the control panel/programs list and deleted it and all is fine now, even the split screen happening and the tab key.

Do not know where it came from, but check in your programs list, delete it, and this should cure your problem if this happens.

Yes Godzilla, there is a Santa Claus.


Morey Worthington