Moderated Jaws2022 Regular Facebook on Reply

O.Addison Gethers

Hi All

I have jaws2022  and windows10  on desktop and laptop  computer . When I am on regular facebook  site  and was reading some friend and groups post  there is reply   on some post  so I press enter on reply  the reply box open  then I type  in my reply  while I was typing jaws started repeat the contact name who I was replying to  then when I finished typing  I press tab key  I don’t even hear reply button  then I press tab  again it say comment 

So I cancel the reply !! I never use the regular facebook site to do any reply at all!!

I only do do reply  on regular mobile facebook site  on  website ,but I’m having some issue with reply  on regular mobile facebook site  when I press enter on reply  it’s say this page not available  and do not have permission  to view this page.


Does anyone know how to do reply on regular facebook ?