Moderated **** [SUSPECTED SPAM] ****Interesting! Key strokes I thought were JAWS keys aren't!

JM Casey

Yeah, that certainly isnt' expected behaviour.
Would be interesting to hear if others have the same experience. Or maybe this is something peculiar to/about your keyboard, even if it wasn't doing that previously.

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Hi everyone!

For those that celebrate it, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday.

I contacted Vispero about a problem I was experiencing with JAWS and Edge and they told me that the alt+up arrow and down arrow to expand and collapse combo boxes where native to the browser and not JAWS key strokes I had always thought they were.

The problem that I was experiencing was that if I am not careful to release the alt key at the same time I release the arrow key, Edge sees it as a separate key stroke and jumps me to the settings and more button, requiring that I F6 back to the web page I am working on. Its very frustrating and annoying. I could see it doing that if I pressed and released the alt key without any other keys, but if you press an alt key along with another key, it should not be treated as a separate key stroke just because I didn't release it soon enough.