Moderated Web Ex Program

Barbara Sheinbein

Hi Everyone,


Soon I will be participating in a group meeting which uses web ex.  I have had a few occasions to use it.  I do not find it straight forward while trying to listen to the others in the meeting.  Is there a basic tutorial or similar instructions somewhere for someone using JAWS?


Thanks in advance for any help.




Mark Fisher

Hi Barbara

Webex is our company's platform. Can be frustrating and lots of tabbing.
I'm not aware of any tutorial but their are WebEx keyboard short cuts that work better in WebEx Meetings than the WebEx desktop app. I do find that using the JAWS option to split JaWS and your computer sounds into different ears works well if wearing headphones (JAWS Key+Space B for balance and then left or irght arrow depending on which side you want JAWS to be on.

This link might help:,-Webex-Webinars,-and-Webex-Events-(classic)-accessibility-features
I've already raised one case with Cisco's accessibility team regarding performance in the WebEx desktop app. I do find sometimes you need to use the JAWS Key+3 to push some commands through to WebEx otherwise they don't work.
Happy to chat offline if you need on my experiences..
Mark Fisher
Manager - People Systems
Water Corporation of Western Australia