Moderated Creating a line graph/pie chart Excel JAWS2022

Mark Fisher

Hi Shai

You can create a chart in Excel and JAWS will provide speech across most of the actions to do this. The only way I know whether to see if a tab contains charts is to use the command Ctrl+Shift+O which will show a list box of objects on the tab. If you've given the chart a name, it will show in the list. for example, Chart1 which would be the default if it was not named.
Entering on this will allow you to arrow through the chart with information spoken by JAWS for example:

Please wait, collecting objects.
Select an object  dialog 
List1  List view 
chart: Amount I12-O27:
1 of 1
OK  Button 
Chart 1  Graphic 
Titled Amount. Data Range A1:B5.
chart: Amount

Description: Pie. Displays the contribution of each value to a total.
legend: Amount has 4 slices
slice 1 CATEGORY=Australia
contributes 37 percent
slice 2 CATEGORY=New Zeeland
contributes 17 percent
slice 3 CATEGORY=Argentina
contributes 20 percent
slice 4 CATEGORY=South africa
contributes 26 percent

This sheet contains only the chart.
 Link  Next Sheet

I did notice however that this didn't always work and I had to use the Crtl+Shift+O command a few times before JAWS would read the information so it might be a bit of trial and error.

Not sure this is exactly what you wanted but hopefully it hellps a little.
Mark Fisher
Manager - People Systems
Water Corporation of Western Australia


Hello all,
A student of mine needs to be able to create a line graph or pie chart
in Excel. If they were to put in the numbers, is there any means that
either JAWS2022 or the new 2023 version will advise if they have made
a pie chart or line graph?
Is there any means to do this accessibly?
Thank you in advance for any responses

Shai Wolman
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