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Orlando Enrique Fiol

Hi, Melissa.

From what I was able to understand, I first have to create a
dictionary for Edge (which I did). The file's name is msedge.JDF,
which I was able to obtain from the JAWS *utilities folder. From the
instructions you provided, I delete the msedge.JDF file, then copy the
Chrome.JDF file to the msedge.JDF one by
recreating the msedge.JDF file again?

No. You just copy Chrome.jdf. Windows will automatically name it Chrome.jdf (copy). Ppress F2, clear the edit box and rename it Edge.jdf. This ultimately means that your temporary copy of Chrome.jdf has now been remained to Edge.jdf. So, by the end, you should have two copies of the same dictionary with different filenames, which is exactly what you want. Then, whenever Edge is running, JAWS will use that dictionary, since it always prefers application dictionaries over the default file.

If my thought process has been right so far, how do I copy the
Chrome.JDF file to msedge.JDF, exactly?* Trying to open the Chrome.JDF
file brings up 'Look for an app in the Microsoft Store'.

Nah, girl, it's way easier than that. In File Explorer, navigate to your JAWS folder under your user profile, Appdata, Roaming, Freedom Scientific, JAWS. You'll then see a folder with your installed version. Expand that, down-arrow to settings, expand that, down-arrow to ENU and finally expand that. All your dictionaries, along with hundreds of other application files are all dumped there. Either navigate with
first-letter navigation to Chrome.jdf or use F3 and type Chrome or *.jdf into the search field. Windows will begin the search once you've tabbed away from the edit field. Tab to the list view and you'll find your file. With it selected, press control+C to copy it, then control+V to paste it right in the same directory. You'll then see both copies of the file back to back, with the copy containing (copy) after the filename. This is the one you want to rename by pressing F2. Once you do that, you'll have two copies of the same dictionary, just with different names.
Those different filenames are all JAWS needs to run your Edge dictionary whenever Edge is launched.
I hope this clarifies things, rather than confound you more,
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