Moderated Treemendous, an accessible app to make syntactic trees and concept maps!


Hello everyone. Today I’m bringing forward this tool to screen reader users who may find it quite handy. I have come to the knowledge of such a tool just recently, and in my opinion, it is a worthwhile app.

The app itself was designed to make syntactic trees, but concept maps can be made in the same way by introducing only the concepts in the label field. The app is simple and easy to use, I made a concept map with no previous knowledge!

As for accessibility, worry not! The app was designed taking accessibility into consideration from the outset.

You can follow the link below that will take you to GitHub, the website where the developer made available his project. If you are not familiarized with GitHub,follow these simple steps to download Tremendous.exe:

1.   In the page, push JawsKey plus  f7 to bring up a list of links.

2.   In the list of links, arrow down until you hear releases  (1), and push enter.

3.   When the page loads, Bring up the list of links  again, JawsKey plus f7.

4.   Arrow down until you hear Treemendous-1.0.0.exe, and hit enter. Now the download should have started.


I recommend reading the information and documentation.

Here is the link:






Leo Bado