Moderated Outlook 2016 calendar

Kevin Meyers

Hello, I’m using the most recent version of Outlook 2016 and Jaws2022. This has happen before and once again. What happens out of the clear blue is as I’m tabbing through my calendar that is set to month view, I run into a over flow button. Some times it will say the appointment after it says over flow button and other times it just say over flow button. After a few tabs Jaws will just read the subject of the appointment and the other information. In the past I switch to day and then Jaws will read day view and then the appointment. Just like over flow button it will read it before the appoinment subject and other times it doesn’t say day view. Not sure what is causing the problem. Microsoft accessibility said the problem might be when I have multiple appointments on one day. They couldn’t get Jaws to stop reading over flow button or day view. Any thoughts of what could be causing the problem? Is there a way to change columns of what shows up first on an appointment? I do this in a folder so an email will read things like subject, date, from, etc. Cheers, Kevin