Moderated Suspend braille script and creating hotkey JAWS2022


Hello all,
Today I downloaded the suspend braille script for JAWS a script that
is designed to allow one to place their braille display in sleep mode
when not in use by applications. I did not have a default.jss file in
my user directory so I wrote this in Notepad and used the instructions
according to the instructions provided in the HTML document and then
saved this file to my user directory. When I wrote the default.jss
file in notepad it was called default.jss.txt and I renamed the
extension to default.jss. I then went into the script manager and
compiled it with a control s. I am now trying to create a hotkey in
keyboard manager for the script but I cannot locate the suspend
braille in my keyboard manager.
Has anyone else downloaded this script?
What did I do incorrectly?
Any help would be appreciated.

Shai Wolman
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