Moderated can't connect mantis q40 via bluetooth to jaws or NVDA

molly the blind tech lover

Subject line says it all. I can pair my Mantis via bluetooth to my pc,
but when trying to connect it to Jaws or NVDA the Mantis just says
"braille display". The Mantis connects to both screen readers only
when I am using the USB cable. I've turned bluetooth on and off again
on both devices, had the Mantis forget my pc, and vice versa. I still
can't connect to either screen reader via bluetooth. I've even
rebooted both the Mantis and PC. I even set Jaws to auto detect the
braille display via bluetooth. I have NVDA's braille setting set to
"automatic". Nothing works unless I connect the Mantis via USB. Does
anyone have any suggestions as to how to fix this? I need to have
Braille, in the event I lose sound on my pc completely again.
Running Win 11, 22h2, Jaws 2022, and I don't know what version of NVDA I have.
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.