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The only external drive I have plugged into my machine as of this moment is a 4 TB Western Digital Black drive, which is the one for my backups, as well as a Sansa Clip Zip music player. I'm not sure that those would have any conflicts, as their partitions are set to Logical.

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To piggyback on what Brian said, do you have any othr drive, i.e. USB external drive, plugged into your machine.  Your machine could be looking at that drive first, and not finding a operating system. Try unplugging them all, and reboot your machine and see what happens. I have seen where certain external drives wants and gets a desired drive letter; thereby causing conflict with other drives, including the main drive. Otherwise, I would have to concur with Brian.

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I decided to split this out into a topic of its own.  Too much is getting "shaken and stirred" on the originating topic.

Have you checked what the state of your system drive is?  And by that I mean using the utility of your choosing to look at SMART data and/or do a quick scan.

There is at least a decent chance that your system drive is in the process of failing, as that's one reason that you would be asked for Windows Media when attempting to boot.  The other could be a corrupt boot record, but I'd definitely suspect a drive that's on its way out first.

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