Moderated Transferring calls using Teams

Murray Peat <murraytp@...>

Hi people,

I have the chance to do some reception work and this will include fielding incoming calls on Teams and then forwarding them on, as appropriate.


From what I gather, during the call, I need to open the other options menu then find the transfer button then find the person from the address book and then enter on the transfer button which appears to be a split button. This all seems quite a long process so was wondering if anyone has experience on using the transfer facility and if there are shortcut keys to go direct to the transfer option etc. Any tips would be much appreciated so I can make this work for me and the caller as well.


I understand that during the course of making a transfer that the recipient of the transfer can have a red light denoting unavailability and a green light noting they are available. I am not sure if this is vocalised by Jaws.


With thanks